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The assistance each Conference provides will be according to the needs of each community... limited only by the number of volunteers and by the availability of donations received.


Please keep in mind that we offer a HELP-line not a HOT-line so if you are in urgent need of assistance please call 211 or your local law enforcement agency.


Typical Assistance to families with emergency needs may include help with utillities payments, rental assistance, or food vouchers. Some Conferences may offer gas vouchers, travel assistance, or assistance with unpaid medical expenses.


We network and partner with poverty related agencies and organizations in our District. If we are not able to provide direct aid we have compiled an extensive resource referral directory. Another helpful resource for obtaining assistance is the Black Hills 211 Helpline.


Society of St. Vincent de Paul may be called on to be the "Voice for the Voiceless." This may take the form of halping a family to negotiate with a landlord on the local level or advocating on the state and federal levels to address poverty related issues.

Contact your local Conference:


RAPID CITY AREA  -  (605) 718-5896


PIEDMONT - BLACK HAWK  -  (605) 389-6739


SPEARFISH - BELLE FOURCHE  - (605) 269-0676


STURGIS - NEWELL  - (605) 519-8583


DEADWOOD - LEAD  - (605) 717-6860 


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