VINCENTIAN FORMATION is designed to touch the head and the heart of the members, in order to assist each one to find meaning and purpose in life, love and a sense of relatedness.  Vincentian Formation thus enables the fulfillment of the three essential elements of the Society: personal holiness, service of those in need, and friends.


OZANAM ORIENTATION is offered by local formators and presenters with materials made accessible through the SVdP National Council, in order to provide a consistent program of training and formation for Conferences and Councils throughout the United States. The purpose of the orientation is to introduce the heritage and spirituality of the Society and to explain "who we are" and "what we do."


New members, existing members, prospective members and interested parties are all welcome. Both training and formation are a vital part of the orientation each time it is offered. There is no cost to attend. The Orientation will be offered twice a year. 


Everyone is welcome to this Home Visit training, including potential members. All Officers and Active SVDP members are required to take Home Visit training. We will be discussing why the Home Visit is the cornerstone of the St. Vincent de Paul ministry; what a Home Visit is and what it looks like; the steps of a Home Visit; and our Vincentian role as Home Visitors including the Spirituality of the Home Visit. We will also be discussing how to transform lives through Systemic Change and Culture Change. We are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty through Systemic Change by treating those in need with dignity. Through encounter and dialog, it the intent of our Society to offer not simply a hand-out but a hand-up. We can also effect permanent and positive change in our communities by encouraging poverty awareness, and thereby changing attitudes and structures through Culture Change.




Our next Ozanam Orientation will be scheduled in Rapid City in October, 2018.

The Rule states:

            “It is essential that the Society continually promote the formation

            and training of its members and Officers, in order to deepen their

            knowledge of the Society and their spirituality, improve the sensitivity,

            quality and efficiency of their service to the poor and help them be

            aware of the benefits, resources and opportunities that are available

            for the poor.” (Rule: Part 1, 3.12)

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